Assessing candidates thoroughly with proven methods and tests

Beyond the excellent evaluation capacity of our recruiters, we offer you tools and solutions that promote reliable and proven decisions.

Selection assessments can round out a candidate’s recruitment process by providing additional information or information that is difficult to obtain during interviews. They can assess general behavior, communication skills, leadership or other candidate characteristics such as emotional intelligence as part of the executive search. These tests provide an objective overview of a candidate’s profile and can predict their behavior in a given situation, indicate their capacity to influence, and even verify their performance within a defined context.

As an executive search firm, we have access to experts such as industrial psychologists and, combined with various tests, which will provide the most accurate portrait of the candidate for your strategic positions, such as C-Level positions, Vice-President, Director, Executive, and Senior Executive level positions. Our expert team of headhunters uses several assessment methods to help you target the ideal candidate, including psychometric tests

Psychometric tests and personality tests are powerful tools.
Here's an overview of what we measure in leaders:

  • Leadership and interpersonal skills, 
  • Analytical and decision-making capabilities
  • Stress resistance
  • Change and growth management 
  • Inspirational capacities
  • Creativity and innovation

Whether it is for our basic tests available on our self-managed Flairtech platform or via an expert evaluator, such as an industrial psychologist, our team of experts will guide you to the appropriate tests and measurement tools.   

Uncovering great potential

We help you identify and assess the next generation.

Thanks to our approach, and by using powerful tools and expertise, including psychometric tests, executive leadership assessment and selection assessments to detect the leaders of tomorrow, you can safely plan for the future. Explore how employees and candidates react in situations that you have not yet been able to evaluate in the field. This will help you confirm your intuitions and discover untapped potential. Our tools such as selection assessment and psychometric tests allow us to confirm and validate the choice of candidates in a hiring process. 

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