30 March 2020

Filling Regional Executive Positions: The Keys to Success

Filling an executive position at a company in non-urban areas poses different challenges from hiring in Montreal or another big city. The secret is to prepare properly – particularly in a candidates’ market like we’re seeing today.

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19 March 2020

Executive Recruitment: Automation or Customization?

Many companies are debating the merits of two completely opposed sales strategies: an automated, high-volume approach vs. a more customized, boutique-style approach. In many cases, the latter is key to being successful. There are some lessons here for the world of executive recruitment.

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01 October 2019

9 Reasons SMEs Should Entrust Specialized Mandates To External Experts

The heads of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can’t do everything. Like an orchestra conductor who oversees the entire piece of music and sets the tempo but cannot play the instruments for the musicians, they are excellent generalists, but not specialists.
Sometimes, they need to call on the services of external experts: for accounting, for IT, for recruitment and especially for hiring executives. The reality of the Quebec market makes this a necessity.

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02 September 2019

Placing Executives from Large Corporations into Leaner Companies

When smaller, more entrepreneurial companies are looking to shore up gaps within their organization, executives from larger corporations may be able to provide valuable expertise and experience. But some big fish can’t make the transition to a small pond. Here are four tips on picking the right candidate for the role.

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01 August 2019

Recruiting an Executive: How to Align Your Interests

Hiring an executive isn’t the same as recruiting for other positions. The influence they will have on your company and teams means that it must be a highly strategic decision. The selection process therefore requires scrupulous preparation, and since candidates will also be evaluating what you offer them, you need to make a convincing case.

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01 July 2019

Restructuring and leadership in the start-up world

A start-up’s not like a large corporation with a thousand people. With only a handful of executives in place, their individual behaviour will dramatically impact the business’s development. Appointing the wrong person can have drastic consequences, especially during the early stages of the business’s growth. Here are some factors to consider. 

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01 June 2019

Making it easier for executives to step aside

Executive positions often come with a shelf life. But once it’s time for someone in a leadership role to step aside, they may be reluctant to do so for personal reasons. How can you make sure they’re ready to leave when you want them to go? 

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01 August 2016

Hiring personnel: when candidates lack experience

The interview is the crucial step to finding the right person for a particular job. Our recruitment specialists show you how to conduct interviews effectively to get the information you need.

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