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We offer proven headhunting expertise.

Insight, interpersonal skills, tact, a close reading of personalities, and a strong capacity to influence: this is what sets us apart. What’s more, we’ve got a dedicated Quebec, Canada-wide and international business network and we use precise and powerful search tools. And, because we’ve held executive and management positions in the past, we’re intimately familiar with the skills and abilities that are essential for these roles.

Assessing and guiding agents of change

We’ve got you covered when it comes to selecting and winning over the best decision-makers.

Attentive listening, personalized service, real dialogue, and relevant follow-ups: these are the key ingredients we use to build a relationship of trust with our clients and candidates. We take the time to understand your DNA so we can represent you well and create lasting partnerships. We also use selection assessment tools to identify employee potential or delve deeper into an assessment. 

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The Magellan Group is driven by a common goal: forging enduring matches between employers and candidates.

Count on the expertise of St-Amour to successfully match candidates with employers in the Quebec market.

Rely on Hubble our dedicated Toronto team for positions in Ontario.

Foresee the impact of your hiring decisions with psychometric tests from FlairTech.

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