Our headhunters are recruiting your future executives in Canada

As a specialized executive search firm, StratoExec supports companies for their key needs in recruiting executives and C-Level positions in Quebec, Ontario and Canada

We are recruiting executive and C-Level positions, such as:

  • C-Level Positions : Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Vice President (VP), 
  • President, General Manager
  • Board of Directors Members, 
  • Country Manager
  • Marketing Director, Sales Director, Finance Director, Communications Director, Operations Director

Our personalized and targeted executive recruitment services cover different business sectors such as business and professional services - B2B, finance, consumer packaged goods, medical and healthcare, pharmaceutical, media and telecommunications, information technology (IT), artificial intelligence, engineering, production and construction, as well as human resources and sales and marketing positions. This strong sectoral and functional specialization guarantees us a very precise knowledge of the trades and organizations. 

We target and attract people who create value

We offer proven headhunting expertise.

Insight, interpersonal skills, tact, a fine reading of personalities and a solid ability to target and attract talent: this is what sets us apart. Furthermore, our team of executive recruiters benefit from a dedicated Quebec, Canada-wide and international business network, and we use precise and powerful search tools and methods. And, because we’ve held strategic positions in the past, we’re intimately familiar with the skills and abilities that are essential for these roles.

We evaluate and support your future talents

We support you in selecting and attracting the best decision-makers.

Attentive listening, tailored services, genuine dialogue and relevant follow-ups: these are our key ingredients for building a relationship of trust with our clients and candidates. We take the time to understand your DNA in order to represent you well and forge lasting alliances. We also use psychometric selection and evaluation tests to reveal potential or to deepen an evaluation.

The added value of our executive recruitment firm

With over 45 years of recruiting experience in the Canadian market, we will be able to find the leaders who will make you grow. We take advantage of our privileged access to leaders in the various industry sectors covered in Montreal, Toronto and Canada. We also benefit from immediate access to a wide network of candidates with whom we have collaborated over the past 45 years.

Thanks to our technological tools (data mining) and our candidate search strategies, you benefit from a powerful approach for finding the best candidate.
Beyond the skills and professional experience, we measure the personal qualities of the candidate through our 5 FITS analysis model:

  • Leadership fit: an adapted leadership style for optimal team and organizational development
  • Cultural fit: a sense of belonging
  • Interpersonal fit: a team in symbiosis creating synergies
  • Experience fit: having met comparable challenges makes it possible to adapt more quickly
  • Aspirational fit: a personal situation and a development plan aligned with what the employer can offer

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The Magellan Group is driven by a common goal: forging enduring matches between employers and candidates.

Count on the expertise of St-Amour to successfully match candidates with employers in the Quebec market.

Rely on Hubble our dedicated Toronto team for positions in Ontario.

Foresee the impact of your hiring decisions with psychometric tests from FlairTech.

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