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The interview is the crucial step to finding the right person for a particular job. Sometimes a candidate whose CV seems to meet the requirements may be discovered during the interview to have insufficient work experience. Our recruitment specialists show you how to conduct interviews effectively to get the information you need.

Take control of the interview

It’s fairly easy to detect a lack of experience during an interview, as there are often inconsistencies between the information in the CV and what the candidate says. It’s up to you to control the interview by asking specific questions that will yield the information you need to get to know your candidate. 

Determine whether their experience is sufficient for the job

A candidate might appear to lack experience but still have what it takes to fulfil the requirements of the position. Here’s how to make sure:

  • Ask them to show how their previous experience is related to the key skills for the job.
  • Ask strategic questions pertaining to the company’s objectives regarding the position. Get the candidate out of their comfort zone to see how well they think on their feet.
  • Find out how comfortable they are with the specific responsibilities of the position.
  • Ask them to show how their studies are relevant to the job requirements.

Remember to take into consideration extra-curricular activities, summer employment and internships, which may have helped candidates develop crucial organizational, teamwork or project management skills. 

Beyond CVs and degrees

Recruiters need to be able to read between the lines and see the real value of the documents provided by candidates. A closer look will help you assess:

  • The candidate’s career stability and progress
  • The quality of basic training received, in particular by looking at the type of employer the candidate has worked for
  • Personality, ability to market oneself and writing skills (as reflected in the cover letter)


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